A la découverte de l’artisanat local lyonnais… [En Francais…]

A l’initiative de cette belle idée, la Funky Fabrik, qui l’espace d’une journée propose de mettre en avant l’artisanat local à Lyon.

Au programme, un parcours, ludique pour vous faire découvrir, les artistes/createurices permanents ou invité(e)s pour l’évènement, des ateliers créatifs pour les petits et les grands, tout cela sous un seul et même thème “7 Lieux sous les mers”.

Alors, ne vous jetez pas tête baissée dans l’aventure, venez chercher votre pass à 4 euros tout le mois de juin (5 euros le jour de l’évènement), qui sera à faire tamponner dans tous les endroits participants, et vous donnera alors droit à une petite surprise en repassant par la case “Funky Fabrik”.

Tous les bénéfices de la journée serviront à l’association de la Funky Fabrik pour leur permettre de continuer à vous proposer des événements comme celui-ci et ainsi mettre en valeur l’artisanat français, et vous permettre de faire de jolies découvertes.

Et je suis ravie d’avoir été invitée à présenter mon travail ! Alors si vous voulez mettre la main sur un de mes mobiles, avec des petites baleines à l’air blasé, c’est à la Funky Fabrik que ça se passe, et ce sera le 27 Juin, toute la journée.

Je vous invite ici pour voir ce mobile en action 😉

My gorgeous stamp.

Yesterday I went to fetch my beautiful stamp in Lyon. The stamp has been made by the talented Ghislaine Fagalde and she is the one behind “Les Minuscules“. Amongst many things, she offers a variety of creative activities around books, and can also make stamps using your own design. I am super thrilled about the result and can’t wait to stamp like crazy.

You will find her work here: Instagram and Facebook

And if you live near Lyon, you can definitely pay her a visit at the Funky Fabric, but I will talk more about that shop in the next post!

Can you hear this?? 

No?  Me neither.

Guess what, that’s totally normal. Unless you’re a monster (yep, quite a nice way to detect them by the way), you can’t hear that “delightful” sound… that sweet melody, tooootally out of tunes: the sound of the “fish choir”…

But it’s not a big deal to not hear it…I mean, look at those faces, it’s like you can almost hear them!


I agree, I can spot some not singing at all or just pretending…but hey, we can’t blame them… We’ve all done the same 🙂

If you want to see some more, I invite you here

And if you feel like knowing a bit more about the silly fishes, and in the same time discovering plenty of very talented polymer clay artists, I invite you to read Polymer Clay Daily from Cynthia Tinapple 🙂

Capture d’écran 2016-02-21 à 14.56.44

Have a great Sunday people!

Let me introduce you the narwhale

Let’s just pretend that you’re asleep, in your warm bed, when suddenly you get disturbed by a creepy monster, or just a nightmare, whatever. Very annoying indeed. But I have a solution. The narwhale. Narwhales have a loooooooong pointy “tusk” which actually is one of there tooth which forgot to stop growing. The meaning of that long tooth is to actually sense stuff around just like a thermometer would mesure the temperature, the tusk would mesure ions and “feel” the food around, like “oh gosh it smells like bacon here!!”, yeah, that’s what the tusk would mesure. But in my world, it doesn’t only detect and probe the food, it also POKE MONSTERS! Yes, it pokes them, skewers them (gently), and when the tusk is full, they sneeze a BIG time, and blow them away. I haven’t seen it myself, but I have been told.

So If you feel like getting one of the narwhale mobile, here you go.


And you’ll also find some sweet sweet whales:) They don’t have any tusks, but they do smile a lot, and unfortunately, they don’t really brush that often their teeth (don’t do that kids!), and end up having a very bad breath. Which is a very good weapon to keep a certain distance between monsters and you. You won’t be bothered by the smell, though if you see that the whales are making weird faces, it might be because they are bothered by each others breath (or their own…), but they will for sure be efficient against creepy stuff.

They look cute though, don’t you think?



Sweet dreams kids!

Kids, I have a summer game for you :D

I’ve gotten some Flapjack Octopuses recently. These little dudes: _MG_4991traité_ok And I still have no idea what this guys can be good at. I explain myself: all my clay figures have a “speciality”, geese are anti-spider, flamingos anti-witch, pelicans anti-ogre, octopuses anti-crocodile, the fishes sing ultrasongs, but I have no clue what a Flapjack Octopus could do. So I need your help kids, and I insist with the KIDS. The parents have to stay away, and let the kids think by themselves they have waaaaay much more imagination than you parents… So kids, I’m asking you, what could be the specificity of the FlapJack Octopus? What can it fight? and how? The kid who will give me the best answer will get the Flapjack Octopus mobile. _MG_4902traité_ok I give you until the 14th of July midnight to leave a comment under that post with your best answer (that, the parent can do!) Get your imagination started…3….2….1. GO!