What the hell’s going on here?

Nothing… and this is THE problem.

I know I know, but, I’ve some good excuses:

1- I’ve started a new job (completely different from this one) yes, I’m sorry but dreaming and modeling don’t put food in my fridge…

2- I’m moving AGAIN (4 moves in 2 years, you believe that?) and I’ve AGAIN lots of stuff to pack.

3- Every Sunday, I go fishing… and I come back without fish (but last time I’ve rescued baby gellyfish on the sand… so cute-when they are tiny…).

4- You add the excuse 1, the excuse 2 and the excuse 3 and you figure out how I really don’t have the time for the moment to play…

So don’t worry, with all of this events, I don’t forget to open my eyes (scanning the sand to find new critters) and my ears (Herman Düne, you know that??), and in a few weeks, I could show you the new place of the Ptitsmobiles, with I hope others good news…

Vi ses*…

*see you, à bientôt,…

ps: the next post will be in danish… Ok, I’m kidding, I can’t, it’s too hard!

2 thoughts on “What the hell’s going on here?

  1. Your work is so unique, fun and expressive! Full of joy and technical expertise. Such a pleasure to have found your site, courtesy of Polymer Clay Daily by Cynthia Tinapple!


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