Nature, Norway and News!

I’ve spent few days in Norway last week, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains, lakes, nature and nature again. That was fantastic, the perfect place to think about what else I can do, which pattern I can use.

We have met many crazy plants (lichens), animals (reindeers) and insects, especially mosquitos!!!! And I’m not going to make them in clay otherwise I’ll have to scratch them AGAIN between my fingers! (Sorry, I’m still a bit angry…)

So, you should see new creations during september, the time for me to find the time to make them… I would like to have 4 arms sometimes, 2 in the lab and 2 in the clay!

And on the way of the good news, I have a really good one, and I would like to say a big big big thank you to Polymer Clay Daily of Cynthia Tinapple who talks about my crazy critters today… I’m so so so happy!

See you on September!

Juste un petit mot pour vous faire partager ces quelques photos de Norvège où j’ai passé quelques jours dernièrement. Rien de tel qu’un petit break au milieu de nul part, entouré de montagnes, de lacs et d’une végétation aussi folle qu’inspirante!

J’espère vous retrouver courant septembre avec de nouvelles créations!

Et sur le chemin des bonnes nouvelles, en voici une qui m’a particulièrement touchée aujourd’hui… Je tiens à remercier sincèrement le Polymer Clay Daily de Cynthia Tinapple qui parle de mes créatures aujourd’hui!

Bonne lecture et à très bientôt!

11 thoughts on “Nature, Norway and News!

  1. I love your polymer creatures! You capture them so well. It makes me happy just to look at them. 🙂

    I work with polymer clay in California.

  2. Congratulations for this well-deserved notice from Polymer Clay Daily of Cynthia Tinapple.
    Your mobiles are made of wonderful creatures that are moreover highlighted by professional quality pictures.
    I am happy to leave with them around me!

  3. Of course I ment live and not leave !
    If I had to leave with them it would be in order to sell them at least twice the price they are now !

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