Fairy dust…

I told the Fairy Mariette not to come too often in my apartment… And since that, I haven’t seen her… I think she is mad at me because I told her about the fairy dust… Each time she visits me, she puts down fairy dust everywhere… And even though I vacuum clean after her, the fairy dust is too thin, and I sneeze, I sneeze a lot!

I agree, that was maybe not a reason to tell her not to come, and I should have probably been a bit less rude with her, but, the thing is, that was not on purpose, the day I told her, I was extremely sick and tired about all those critters in my apartment (believe me it’s not funny everyday!). But to understand that, I should tell you how look a typical day in my life…

First, I woke up, and my first thought is for a cup of coffee. Very important rule, drink my coffee as soon as possible or I fall asleep again… But, on my way to the coffee machine… watch out! Because somebody is asking for food, and can be quiet persuasive: my big fatty and lazy cat! I still don’t understand why every single morning he keeps walking between my foot, and I have to go and feed him like this. It’s not necessary to tell you that of course, that takes more time for me to be careful not to walk on the cat and that of course this big hairball is insanely hungry AND angry! For sure, I could go and take my cup of coffee first, but that means that I’ll have to be focus on my way to the coffee machine AND on my way to feed the cat, and just the fact to use the word “focus” when I talk about my morning, I’m frightened!

So when, this is done, I can go to the coffee machine. You’re going to think, easy for me, just have to put an empty cup, the coffee powder and turn on the machine,  and you will be wrong. I have to check the water tank, not to see if there is water left, no no no, to see if there are fishes in the water tank. Just because I don’t have bath, when the Fairy Mariette comes with fishes she puts them in the water tank of my coffee machine! I’m telling you, one day I’m going to drink warm fishes juice! Yummy…

Then, I can go and take my shower in the bathroom where surprisingly, until now, nothing special happens… This is the next step which is a bit complicated…

I need to put clothes on, and to reach the cabinet I need to pass by the living-room. Some of you already know that I have goose and pink flamingos in my living-room, but did I tell you that they follow me everywhere? I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that but, when a baby geese opens his eyes for the first time, the first face he sees is the face of his mother… And he is going to follow her everywhere in Indian file in order not to be lost… And I am the first face they use to see, so I am the one they run after everyday! So, if you follow me, (in my story, not in my living-room), now I fed the cat, I took my coffee, my shower, but I’m almost naked in the living-room, followed by an army of chicks!

And once again, the next step is not an easy one! When I finally reached the cabinet, I have to remove from my clothes…Hermit crabs! Yes, because those crazy stuff camp in my clothes, and I’m telling you when you have Hermit crabs in your shirt, your pants or your socks, this is more efficient to wake up than coffee! I’m sick and tired to be pinched every single morning!

Then I can go to work, where I could have some peace but of course not, I’m running all day to accomplish as much as I can, all my work. And then, I come back home, and Oooh surprised all those crazy animals I left the whole day alone, have been partying like hell! And then the Fairy Mariette comes and complains about her boring day, and this is at this moment that she puts fairy dust everywhere, and this is the straw that broke the camel… I can’t take more, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!!! Leave me alone!

So, Fairy Mariette, if you read those words, don’t be mad at me, I apologize, that was just a bad day…

I put some pictures of the critters I find in my place… And I put some new Hermit Crab mobiles in the shop, the more I put in the shop, the less I have in my cabinet! Ha!

See you around…

5 thoughts on “Fairy dust…

  1. Poor, poor Fairy, she must be sad to think that she lost your friendship, I hope that she will read your post very soon I am sure she will forgive you, you might even have more Fairy dust next time she comes to see you 🙂
    Thank you for sharing one of your fabulous day with us even if it doesn’t look easy for you it is jubilant for us.

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