Little paper boats

I’ve been in a paper boat mood lately… No visit from the fairy Mariette, so no crazy critter popping up in my apartment… Which makes my environment a little bit more quiet. Then I went shopping! I went shopping in all secondhand shops, flea markets I could find, and I bought books, old books. Funny how a simple book with maybe nothing interesting into, or written by a really really really bad author, funny how just the fact that the pages are yellowish, smelling old, an old cover, old font, old illustrations, written in danish, and I feel like I have gold in my hands.

When I was a child, I had this old book from Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers, it was old, and smelly, I never read it but oh god I was so in love with that book! Then I drew in it. I was fascinated by this little girl in Inspector Gadget who got a computer hiding in a simple book. So I drew my secret computer in that book too. Many hours of game, I’m telling you. I guess this is not surprising if a few years later (yes, just a few) I keep doing that.

I just feel this is boring to draw on a piece paper just dedicated to that when all around you have one million of different amazing support. Like the walls. Who the hell said that it was forbidden to draw on your walls? when you’re a kid, your parents got mad if you dare draw on the wall. Seriously?? Nobody’s dead right? You just want to express yourself and think that instead of killing trees you’d rather draw on walls (yes, even really young you can think like this already). For sure, my kids will be allowed to draw whatever they want, wherever they want, on MY walls… And I might have to teach them that it’s not like this at their friend’s place…

But, back to my old books! I love the pages yellowed by the passing time, then I thought I should do more than just drawing on it… And came the idea of paper boat. Peaceful activity… Nina Simone’s singing and I’m folding piece of precious paper into little boats. How cosy!

Thus, quickly, I’ve been surrounded by one thousand boats.

So I started to put them all over my place, as decoration. But I still had 950 left… What should I do with those… What?? You destroy old books, and you don’t know what to do with?? Calm down…I don’t destroy, I give a second life! And because I might have something with things hanging, I made mobiles with…

I’ve been complaining many times about all troubles it was to host silly critters at my place, the noise, the mess, critters popping up everywhere, so you could think that now I’m ok… But no, I’m not, at all. I feel like I’ve been living in an old library and that someone put a bomb in it. That’s the way my place is looking right now. Old books everywhere, pieces of precious paper, driftwood, pastel oil, old frames… My atelier (understand my desk) was dedicated in one place in my apartment, but then, things moved (by themselves) on the kitchen table, and now in the living-room, soon I’m expecting to see tools and paper boats in the bathroom… And she complains, again and again! Well, yes, she is french…;-)

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