Bottled tears.

« If you cannot stop your tears, then keep them in a secret bottle, perhaps one day, they will put back a smile on your face… »

This is what the Fairy Mariette told me one day…

And this is what I’ve done since that day…

Of course, I had to optimize a bit the process…

First the collection, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried, but this is not that easy to collect tears. Even with some fancy tools. I thought naively that because I was working in a research laboratory I could use the perfect tools to collect my  own tears, like fancy pipets, or tubes. I was wrong. Like often in the lab. So, I gave up with the fancy tools and used a simple small piece of natural sponge which I could wring above my small tears-bottle. And it worked.

But the came another problem… Since I started to focus of how well I was collecting my tears, I stopped crying.

Obvious. If you’re focus on collecting tears, you’re not on your pain anymore.

So, I  thought, « ah, Fairy Mariette, I got you ! This was just a way to distract myself from my pain, ! » But that was without considering that I’m a bit stubborn and that my scientific side might want to know if yes or no this is true. Because from now, the only effect I got on my face, were stupefaction and disappointment !

Thus, for years, I kept collecting my tears. Definitely slowly (because of the focusing issue) but still, I got some. And I never knew how exactly I was supposed to keep them, I mean,  in the fridge ? In the freezer ? At room temperature ? In the dark ? and so on… And even though I do like the Fairy Mariette, for those kind of questions, she is really really bad.

But anyway, I wrote down everything in a book. Told you… I’m working in a laboratory, everything has to be written down. How would you expect people to remember which experiment and how they have done it 5 years ago ? Well, I can tell you exactly which experiment I was doing 5 years ago and how. But that’s not the topic, let’s go back to the tears collection.

So I wrote down everything :

-the storage : 300 mL glass bottle, room temperature, dry cabinet, protected from the light.

Also, which kind of tears it was, I mean, from which pain it came from and how much I got, like :

– Tears from the 28th of June 2012: the day I realized that I care too much about you, 1150µL.

– Tears from the 5th of May 2012: the day I woke up after a bad dream, looking for your warm arm, but realized after a few sec that you left that place almost 2 years ago, 2532µL.

– Tears from the 18th of June 2010: the day I could have call you for your birthday, but thought that after 4 years without seeing you, I would have not know what else to say, 1103µL.

– Tears from the 26th of June 2012: the day I hit my small toe on the edge of that damned bloody chair, again. Only 50µL, but concentrate ones… Ouch!

And, one evening, after 247mL of deep sorrow, I found this in my tears’s bottle :

A tiny shark, eating a huge worm ! (Nature stopped surprise me a loooooong time ago…). So I have to admit that it did work! I was smiling, even laughing (when I tried to catch them !) A tiny cute shark, swimming with a worm in the ocean of my tears, how poetic is that ? (And I will not ask the signification of Worm/shark coming from my tears to a shrink, no no no…)

Anyway, now I have to take care of those 2 guys, and I will check tomorrow if more are coming.

Thank you Fairy Mariette 😉

6 thoughts on “Bottled tears.

    • Hahahaha! I did not mentioned all the tears I put in that bottle, I assume that some of them were also from laughing out loud! But that would be definitely even more funny to see the worm running after the shark! 😉

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