The flamingo anti-witch.

I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been told, once…

I’ve been told about that beautiful little girl who slept with sunglasses in order of not being seen by the crocodiles which were sleeping under her bed in the night time… They couldn’t see her because of her sunglasses and thus she could sleep tightly. She also tried with an umbrella, but I believe that sleeping with an umbrella must have been quite tricky…

My critters are experts in all sorts of nightmares, ghosts, witches, monsters and so on. And that, thanks to their big eyes, glowing in the dark and scaring away nightmares. But I notice that some of them were actually more specialized in certain kind of things, like for exemple, an attack of flamingos will be more efficient on witches, since they kind of have the same ” crooked nose”. Witches have then, a tendency to think, that they are related. Then they can be approached easier, and pinched heavily.

Another example with the Pelicans. They are very good at scaring away ogres. And their technic is also quite simple. They use to keep a LOT of food in their gaping maw (yes, that’s why that part of their body looks quite big).  Food which will attract ogres… because everybody knows that ogres think with their stomach, right? And then, just like the witches, they will end up pinched heavily…

Though the “sunglasses-trick” might have been efficient, I wish I had at that time a set of octopuses ready… Yes, the best weapon for crocodiles, it’s octopuses. They can tie up the big crocodiles’ mouth with their long tentacles and then tickle the rest of the crocodiles. Very very efficient. They usually don’t last.

But kids, don’t you worry. Soon, plenty of new mobiles will be available: geese anti-monster, pelicans anti-ogre, flamingos anti-witch and so on. And you will be certain that you won’t have to use any sunglasses or umbrellas to sleep peacefully.

Sleep tight 🙂



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