Nope, I’m not making words up. Shini stands for Sheena and Michi for Michelle, and if you’re in need of fresh oxygen in your everyday life, I can not encourage you more than to follow the adventures of these 2 sweeeeeet twin sisters.

I am secretly in admiration with people travelling the world with their backpack and camera, to witness some beauty. And this is one thing to be aware of what is all around you, and be amazed by the beauty of the nature. But this must be really something to be able to share it with your twin sister, when what you experience makes echo in the other one. And the magic of Shinimichi is that they manage to make echo in us as well. I defy you not to smile and not to feel like grabbing your backpack when looking at their beautiful pictures. I have the deepest respect for people like Sheena and Michelle, eager to experience, eager to travel but also eager to share. And the least I can do to acknowledge their work and encourage them to keep travelling, keep sharing and keep adding oxygen and spices in our life, is to share as well their adventures.

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