April fool’s day

Tomorrow is April fool’s day… And I’ve got a bunch of fishes at home. Singing ones. Not always on tune… So I won’t mind giving away some… So, I thought that maybe, they could also be part of the Easter Giveaway… As a second price, a people will get to choose the combo of the 3 fishes they want. Is that not a good deal?

And if you want an idea of how they look, just clic on the pic…



Nope, I’m not making words up. Shini stands for Sheena and Michi for Michelle, and if you’re in need of fresh oxygen in your everyday life, I can not encourage you more than to follow the adventures of these 2 sweeeeeet twin sisters.

I am secretly in admiration with people travelling the world with their backpack and camera, to witness some beauty. And this is one thing to be aware of what is all around you, and be amazed by the beauty of the nature. But this must be really something to be able to share it with your twin sister, when what you experience makes echo in the other one. And the magic of Shinimichi is that they manage to make echo in us as well. I defy you not to smile and not to feel like grabbing your backpack when looking at their beautiful pictures. I have the deepest respect for people like Sheena and Michelle, eager to experience, eager to travel but also eager to share. And the least I can do to acknowledge their work and encourage them to keep travelling, keep sharing and keep adding oxygen and spices in our life, is to share as well their adventures.

The blog:  www.shinimichi.com

Facebook: Shinimichi on Facebook

Instagram: Shinimichi on Instagram

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Easter giveaway :)

Hello sweet people 🙂 I think it’s about time for me to organize a little Easter giveaway 🙂 The price will be one mobile of your choice from the online shop, and all you’ll have to do, is: 1- To like the Ptitsmobiles’s page on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lesptitsmobiles/184085553248 2- To write under that post which mobile you would like, after visiting the shop here. 3- To spread the words by sharing this post or the Ptitsmobiles’s page on FB. I will annonce the winner the 5th of April… Who is game 🙂 ? _MG_4659traité

The flamingo anti-witch.

I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been told, once…

I’ve been told about that beautiful little girl who slept with sunglasses in order of not being seen by the crocodiles which were sleeping under her bed in the night time… They couldn’t see her because of her sunglasses and thus she could sleep tightly. She also tried with an umbrella, but I believe that sleeping with an umbrella must have been quite tricky…

My critters are experts in all sorts of nightmares, ghosts, witches, monsters and so on. And that, thanks to their big eyes, glowing in the dark and scaring away nightmares. But I notice that some of them were actually more specialized in certain kind of things, like for exemple, an attack of flamingos will be more efficient on witches, since they kind of have the same ” crooked nose”. Witches have then, a tendency to think, that they are related. Then they can be approached easier, and pinched heavily.

Another example with the Pelicans. They are very good at scaring away ogres. And their technic is also quite simple. They use to keep a LOT of food in their gaping maw (yes, that’s why that part of their body looks quite big).  Food which will attract ogres… because everybody knows that ogres think with their stomach, right? And then, just like the witches, they will end up pinched heavily…

Though the “sunglasses-trick” might have been efficient, I wish I had at that time a set of octopuses ready… Yes, the best weapon for crocodiles, it’s octopuses. They can tie up the big crocodiles’ mouth with their long tentacles and then tickle the rest of the crocodiles. Very very efficient. They usually don’t last.

But kids, don’t you worry. Soon, plenty of new mobiles will be available: geese anti-monster, pelicans anti-ogre, flamingos anti-witch and so on. And you will be certain that you won’t have to use any sunglasses or umbrellas to sleep peacefully.

Sleep tight 🙂



That was the first round.

And now it’s hanging. I wish they will keep quiet tonight, but I don’t think they will. But that’s what happen when you put together 36 geese and 6 flamingos. And that’s also thanks to that, they can keep away monsters, crocodiles, ghosts or whatever wants to scare kids in the night time. Big eyes glowing in the dark, sharpened beaks…if I was a monster, I would run away…and they do.

But, apparently, 36 geese is not enough for me…I feel the need of making more… So tomorrow, I’ll start the second round… Stay tuned people:) And safe!

It’s not too late…

…to wish you all a happy new year! (At least in France, we have until the end of January to wish people a happy new year.. so here you go)

And as a good resolution for 2015, I decided to stop stopping clay. I’m not sure I know why sometimes it’s just difficult for me to create stuff in clay. Maybe I get scared of this feeling of frustration when you’re not satisfied of what you’ve made. This is an awful feeling. And you get caught in your daily routine, and you find yourself 1000 excuses not to “clay” again. And the worse (and that’s where I really don’t understand myself) it’s when people ask me to make a mobile for them…Instead of comforting me in the idea that I should pursue, I stop. (And yes, I’ll talk to my shrink about that :D).

Anyway. I’m back in business. Hopefully for a long time. But so far I have ideas, so things should work out.

And I’ve been working a lot lately… I have a lot of geese waiting for some love… I like to take pics before or right after the baking step, but it takes a while until I get the mobile done… There are plenty of steps after the oven people… Like sanding down, pencils, second round of baking, drilling, choosing the driftwood (finding the driftwood…), assembling the whole thing and taking the last pics. So a pic now, doesn’t mean a mobile tomorrow. Anyway, I’m writing too much. So here you go for the latest babies:




And an hairy one :


Enjoy people!

I like birds…

What can I do about it? I just love them, they all look cute and clumsy… So I’m drawing birds…


And well, I have a thing for pink flamingos, but since I’m always using the same pencils, and since I still get easily bored, I thought maybe I could make some blue flamingos and green flamingos instead. By the way, the name of the green one is Greengo.

I’m drawing in old books… I know, shame on me. I was drawing in books when I was a kid, thanks to Inspector Gadget… The little girl in that cartoon had a computer hiding in a book… I was SO amazed… And I started drawing computers in books… Now I draw birds, but anyhow, I’m still a kid 🙂

So of course when I found the “rue Poissonnière” page, (fishwife street) in my “Rues de Paris” book, the first bird which came in my mind was one craving for fishes… One who could stand for ever, next to a pool, to catch a fish. A heron.

But, well, a heron is not that exotic… One which is very exotic, and…how to put it nicely… one which has not been spoiled by Mother Nature, it’s the Lesser Adjutant. Oh man, that one is so ugly. An ugly bird? How comes? What the hell went wrong that day? Anyway, this one is ugly, but I love it anyway. It looks like an old man…

photo 3-1

I guess that “soon”, I’ll post more bird’s drawings…

Oh, since I’m here today, yeah, you noticed maybe, I don’t post that often, but I’m always around, always… So just as a reminder, I’ll be pleased if you find other ideas than the one I post on my blog, I’ll be pleased if you don’t take my pics, my stories, shape my stuff in clay, because that all comes from my little brain and heart. Or maybe you should not call yourself an artist, maybe more a thief. If you manage to look at yourself in the mirror everyday, good for you, but I’d like you to think, for each “Like” on Facebook, am I really honest here…? Just saying…

Thanks! and for the others: I love you all!