Kids, I have a summer game for you :D

I’ve gotten some Flapjack Octopuses recently. These little dudes: _MG_4991traité_ok And I still have no idea what this guys can be good at. I explain myself: all my clay figures have a “speciality”, geese are anti-spider, flamingos anti-witch, pelicans anti-ogre, octopuses anti-crocodile, the fishes sing ultrasongs, but I have no clue what a Flapjack Octopus could do. So I need your help kids, and I insist with the KIDS. The parents have to stay away, and let the kids think by themselves they have waaaaay much more imagination than you parents… So kids, I’m asking you, what could be the specificity of the FlapJack Octopus? What can it fight? and how? The kid who will give me the best answer will get the Flapjack Octopus mobile. _MG_4902traité_ok I give you until the 14th of July midnight to leave a comment under that post with your best answer (that, the parent can do!) Get your imagination started…3….2….1. GO!

Vil du have en PtitMobile?/Who wants a PtitMobile?/ Vous voulez un PtitMobile?/

Hej allesammen/ Hi all/ Salut tout le monde!

This week it’s the birthday of Les PtitsMobiles, one year already… So for this occasion, you can win a PtitMobile… The only thing you have to do, it’s leave a comment under this post… Not really really difficult! You have one week from now to participate! Go go goooooo!

Cette semaine c’est l’anniversaire des PtitsMobiles, et oui un an déjà! A cette occasion, vous avez la possibilité de gagner un PtitMobile! Pour participer, il vous suffit juste de laisser un commentaire sous ce post… Pas très compliqué! Et dans une semaine, je tirerai au sort le nom du gagnant… Alors tous à vos claviers!