Can you hear this?? 

No?  Me neither.

Guess what, that’s totally normal. Unless you’re a monster (yep, quite a nice way to detect them by the way), you can’t hear that “delightful” sound… that sweet melody, tooootally out of tunes: the sound of the “fish choir”…

But it’s not a big deal to not hear it…I mean, look at those faces, it’s like you can almost hear them!


I agree, I can spot some not singing at all or just pretending…but hey, we can’t blame them… We’ve all done the same 🙂

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Have a great Sunday people!

-Food chains-

If you look into marine food chains closely, you’ll find out “ishly” that sharks eat octopuses, octopuses eat crabs, crabs eat clams and clams eat plankton. You can complicate the scheme by introducing squids and stingrays, both predators of small fishes, mollusks and crustaceans, and prey of sharks and big fishes. Then you can add into the picture, seabirds, predators of fishes and basically all leftovers of food reachable on earth (from pizza,  french fries to vomit…yeah I know disgusting but true), and according to Mother Nature  and google those guys are the prey of sharks (again). So if I must summarize and apply this to all the sea creatures I have in my apartment (and ok, also in my head), I know who’s eating my hermit crabs, clams, crabs, fishes, stingrays, squids, octopuses, birds, and sharks. Then if I think correct, the next question is who’s eating the sharks and my whales, since if I wanna keep that place as an nice ecosystem, I need predators for those 2 guys. Google my hero pops up again, and says, that besides killer whales, predators of baby whales and some sharks, Humans are theirs predators. In other words, I’m supposed to kill my whales and my sharks if I don’t want to be invaded. You can imagine that I won’t do that. Ever. And I won’t ask Fairy Mariette for killer whales either since I don’t like those. So what can I do?

Here is my answer:


Have a fun sunday people 🙂


Nino and the little Mermaid…

I was in Copenhagen this week, to see the famous little mermaid of Hans Christian Andersen. I wanted to take a picture of the mermaid to send to my new nephew, Nino… So, I take my bike, direction the rock of the little mermaid…

Once arrived, no mermaid. I look everywhere, on the mermaid’s rock, beside the rock, behind the rock, NO MERMAID!!!

But where is the mermaid? And there, I saw a little paper, on the rock, a little piece of paper, to explain that the mermaid is in…Shangai!! Shangai?! But what a such idea??

The mermaid has decided to go in Shangai for few holydays, and because sometimes she thinks the weather is a little bit cold in Copenhagen, and because sometimes she just wants to travel too and not stay on her rock and see people who come from everywhere to see her…

So I can understand the reason why she wanted to go, but I was sad, not to have my picture of the little mermaid for my nephew Nino… And this is at this time, that the Fairy Mariette appears. Aaaaaah, the Fairy Mariette! “But what are you doing here Fairy Mariette??

“I’m here because of you! I’m looking for you everywhere! And this is your cat who says me that you were in Copenhagen for 2 days, (by the way, I think you’re going to find surprises in your apartment, your cat has made a big party I think…)”

“Ok, ok Fairy Mariette, don’t be mad, I’m here, you find me, what do you want?”

” I need you to do something important, I’ve rescued from the sink of my neighbor, some octopuses, clams and fishes. And I know that a little boy is borned a few days ago, and I’m sure that would be nice to give him this critters in mobiles of course.”

“Yes, ok, no problem Fairy Mariette, sure, I can do that. Can you just say me who boy is it?”

“This is Nino, a baby boy borned in France, close to the sea…”

“Mmmm, this is funny …I think I know him… So ok, Fairy Mariette, don’t worry I take care of that. And at the same time, I know you know the little Mermaid, so if you can just say to her hello… and maybe if you can give her my adress, the next time she’ll able to prevent me that she is not here!”

So, I’ve taken with me, the octopuses, the clams and the fishes, I’ve made a new Ptitmobile, and this one is only for you, my little nephew…

Some changes…

Hej everyone!

I’ve made some changes on this blog today… Now you could find on the right top differents gallery with geese, pelican, pink flamingo, hermit crab, whale and fish. If the name of the Ptitsmobiles is “Flew!/Envolé!” that means they are not available, and if they are called “Fish” or “Whale 4”, that means they ARE available… And if you want a Ptitsmobiles which is not available, maybe you can send me an email here and I’ll see what I can do!

Oh! I’ve forgotten, there are now “big Ptitsmobiles”… Ok, there are not big big, but they have more critters…

As soon as possible, I’m going to put the size of the Ptitsmobiles (I would like to put a scale on picture, but for the moment I don’t really know how I’m going to do that easily with my wonderful and complicated software…), because it’s not obvious to realize how they truly are! So, this the next step!

Good visit!