Can you hear this?? 

No?  Me neither.

Guess what, that’s totally normal. Unless you’re a monster (yep, quite a nice way to detect them by the way), you can’t hear that “delightful” sound… that sweet melody, tooootally out of tunes: the sound of the “fish choir”…

But it’s not a big deal to not hear it…I mean, look at those faces, it’s like you can almost hear them!


I agree, I can spot some not singing at all or just pretending…but hey, we can’t blame them… We’ve all done the same 🙂

If you want to see some more, I invite you here

And if you feel like knowing a bit more about the silly fishes, and in the same time discovering plenty of very talented polymer clay artists, I invite you to read Polymer Clay Daily from Cynthia Tinapple 🙂

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Have a great Sunday people!

Bottled tears.

« If you cannot stop your tears, then keep them in a secret bottle, perhaps one day, they will put back a smile on your face… »

This is what the Fairy Mariette told me one day…

And this is what I’ve done since that day…

Of course, I had to optimize a bit the process…

First the collection, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried, but this is not that easy to collect tears. Even with some fancy tools. I thought naively that because I was working in a research laboratory I could use the perfect tools to collect my  own tears, like fancy pipets, or tubes. I was wrong. Like often in the lab. So, I gave up with the fancy tools and used a simple small piece of natural sponge which I could wring above my small tears-bottle. And it worked.

But the came another problem… Since I started to focus of how well I was collecting my tears, I stopped crying.

Obvious. If you’re focus on collecting tears, you’re not on your pain anymore.

So, I  thought, « ah, Fairy Mariette, I got you ! This was just a way to distract myself from my pain, ! » But that was without considering that I’m a bit stubborn and that my scientific side might want to know if yes or no this is true. Because from now, the only effect I got on my face, were stupefaction and disappointment !

Thus, for years, I kept collecting my tears. Definitely slowly (because of the focusing issue) but still, I got some. And I never knew how exactly I was supposed to keep them, I mean,  in the fridge ? In the freezer ? At room temperature ? In the dark ? and so on… And even though I do like the Fairy Mariette, for those kind of questions, she is really really bad.

But anyway, I wrote down everything in a book. Told you… I’m working in a laboratory, everything has to be written down. How would you expect people to remember which experiment and how they have done it 5 years ago ? Well, I can tell you exactly which experiment I was doing 5 years ago and how. But that’s not the topic, let’s go back to the tears collection.

So I wrote down everything :

-the storage : 300 mL glass bottle, room temperature, dry cabinet, protected from the light.

Also, which kind of tears it was, I mean, from which pain it came from and how much I got, like :

– Tears from the 28th of June 2012: the day I realized that I care too much about you, 1150µL.

– Tears from the 5th of May 2012: the day I woke up after a bad dream, looking for your warm arm, but realized after a few sec that you left that place almost 2 years ago, 2532µL.

– Tears from the 18th of June 2010: the day I could have call you for your birthday, but thought that after 4 years without seeing you, I would have not know what else to say, 1103µL.

– Tears from the 26th of June 2012: the day I hit my small toe on the edge of that damned bloody chair, again. Only 50µL, but concentrate ones… Ouch!

And, one evening, after 247mL of deep sorrow, I found this in my tears’s bottle :

A tiny shark, eating a huge worm ! (Nature stopped surprise me a loooooong time ago…). So I have to admit that it did work! I was smiling, even laughing (when I tried to catch them !) A tiny cute shark, swimming with a worm in the ocean of my tears, how poetic is that ? (And I will not ask the signification of Worm/shark coming from my tears to a shrink, no no no…)

Anyway, now I have to take care of those 2 guys, and I will check tomorrow if more are coming.

Thank you Fairy Mariette 😉


It’s like there are some new critters here… but but but, you’ll see that in a couple of days… be patient!

On dirait qu’il y a de nouvelles bestioles par ici… soyez patient, encore quelques jours!

The shop is open! La boutique est ouverte!

This is such a good new don’t you think? Ooooooooh yes it is… After 3 month (maybe more?) without new mobiles, that’s a shame! I know I know… But I was a bit disrupted, you know what? BECAUSE SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO COPYING WHAT I AM DOING!! And this is just unacceptable… Of course people forget that each piece of my “collection” are protected, and you can’t reproduce them. And people forget that it’s a piece of you, you put in your creation, this is because of what you are that you do what you do, and that gives to your creation a soul… Of course I’m going to show you a picture of this crappy thing, and I will be very glad if each person who are reading this post, can show this post and this picture to everybody! Like this all the earth will know what this person does. Because I’m  nice, I’m not going to reveal the name… But if it starts again, I’ll do it! UNDERSTOOD?

No more suspense, here we go: Grrrrrrrrh!

I know, I know, like me you’re disgusted… I just comfort myself by wondering which soul you can put in that stuff??

Anyway, I forget the essential, the shop is open, and that makes me happy!


En français!

La boutique est ouverte!!! C’est une sacrée bonne idée non? Après 3 mois (peut-être même plus) sans ajouter de nouveaux mobiles dans la boutique… Mais il faut savoir qu’il y avait une bonne raison à tout ça… J’étais un peu tourmentée, car je me suis aperçue  que QUELQU’UN AVAIT ESSAYé DE COPIER MES BESTIOLES!!!!! Et ça, c’est tout simplement inacceptable… Il ne faut pas oublier que chaque pièce que je modèle est protégée! Et les gens oublient parfois que c’est une part de vous que vous mettez dans vos créations, que de part votre histoire, votre parcours, voilà ce que vous êtes capable de faire et de raconter, et c’est tout cela qui donne une âme à vos créations. Bien sur je vais vous montrer cette horrible chose, et je serais ravie si chacun d’entre vous qui lisez ces lignes, puissiez faire circuler ce post que toute la terre entière sache ce que cette personne fait! Parce que je suis quelqu’un de bien, je ne donnerai pas de nom, mais si cette personne recommence, je le ferai! COMPRIS?

Sans plus attendre, l’objet du délit : Grrrrrrrrh!

Je sais, je sais, comme moi vous êtes écoeurés… La seule chose qui me réconforte c’est de me dire “mais qu’elle âme on peut bien mettre la dedans!?”

Enfin, j’en oublie l’essentiel, la boutique est OUVERTE! Et ça, ça me rend heureuse!


In the new appartment/Dans le nouvel appartement…

As you know, the last weeks were a little bit buzzy… unfortunately not with the mobiles but more because I had to pack up all my stuff, for the danish move (I say “danish move”, because it was-among others things- under the rain and with my bicycle…). And after that, that means also, unpack all this stuff, and even if you think that you don’t have too much things, you HAVE too much things. So that takes an eternity to make of this boxes’s field, a cosy nest.

And in the middle of this turmoil, I was afraid that the critters stopped to appear in the new livingroom, stopped to appear in the new sink, and that the fairy Mariette didn’t find the new address. Ok, that was stupid, she’s a fairy and by definition she’s able to do lots of things. And it was even more stupid, because if you don’t pay attention of this crazy critters, that’s what happens:

Yes, now, the appartment is full of baby octopuses which don’t stop to disturb theirs parents, I live in the middle of a kindergarden!

So I have to catch them, which is not a piece of cake, and after I hope I ‘ll make new nice mobiles… The adventure continues!

Comme vous le savez, les dernières semaines étaient un peu buzzy…  Malheureusement pas avec les mobiles, mais plus parce que je devais faire les cartons, pour le déménagement “danois” (je dis “danois”, parce que c’était, entre autres, sous la pluie et avec mon vélo …). Et après “faire les cartons” il y a “défaire les cartons”, et même si vous pensez que vous n’avez pas beaucoup de choses, vous avez toujours beaucoup trop de choses. Donc, ça prend une éteeeeernité à faire de ce champ de bataille, un nid douillet et confortable.

Et puis au milieu de cette agitation, je craignais que mes petites bestioles cessent d’apparaître dans le nouveau salon, cessent d’apparaître dans le nouvel évier, que la fée Mariette ne trouve pas ma nouvelle adresse, etc… Ok, c’était stupide, c’est une fée et, par définition, elle est capable de faire beaucoup de choses. Et c’était encore plus stupide, car voilà ce qui est arrivé pendant que j’avais le dos tourné:
Des bébés poulpes! L’appartement est plein de bébés poulpes qui n’arrêtent pas d’embêter leurs parents, et oui je vis au milieu d’une garderie…

Le plus dur maintenant c’est d’essayer des les attraper, ce qui n’est pas une partie de plaisir, et après je l’espère, je pourrai faire de nouveaux mobiles… L’aventure continue!