Big mobile…

Big mobile...

What will happen to your growing squash, if you forget it in the garden? It will grow, like crazy, and you’ll have a giant squash. That’s the same with ptitsmobiles… Look at this big one!

-Food chains-

If you look into marine food chains closely, you’ll find out “ishly” that sharks eat octopuses, octopuses eat crabs, crabs eat clams and clams eat plankton. You can complicate the scheme by introducing squids and stingrays, both predators of small fishes, mollusks and crustaceans, and prey of sharks and big fishes. Then you can add into the picture, seabirds, predators of fishes and basically all leftovers of food reachable on earth (from pizza,  french fries to vomit…yeah I know disgusting but true), and according to Mother Nature  and google those guys are the prey of sharks (again). So if I must summarize and apply this to all the sea creatures I have in my apartment (and ok, also in my head), I know who’s eating my hermit crabs, clams, crabs, fishes, stingrays, squids, octopuses, birds, and sharks. Then if I think correct, the next question is who’s eating the sharks and my whales, since if I wanna keep that place as an nice ecosystem, I need predators for those 2 guys. Google my hero pops up again, and says, that besides killer whales, predators of baby whales and some sharks, Humans are theirs predators. In other words, I’m supposed to kill my whales and my sharks if I don’t want to be invaded. You can imagine that I won’t do that. Ever. And I won’t ask Fairy Mariette for killer whales either since I don’t like those. So what can I do?

Here is my answer:


Have a fun sunday people 🙂



For those who followed this wonderful blog from the very beginning… WhaAat? Was I the only one following it??

Well, then, you might need a refresh otherwise you won’t understand the importance of the news. 

They are back.


Well, those who decided to party last night in my living room! And if you’d follow my stories, you would know that 3 years ago, I woke up, one night, because of noise in my living room. And what did I find partying and coming from nowhere? Geese.

Yes, geese. I did not recognize it first, because the only thing I saw was pairs of surprised eyes glowing in the dark, like this:


And like his…


And, yeah, it was a bunch of geese, and believe me they know how to party…(they might be a bit danish…). Anyway, to continue in the “refreshment”, I found geese, did not know what to do with, then the Fairy Mariette appeared in my living room too (you would be surprised of how many people/things you could cross in that living room), and she told me to make mobiles with it, to take care of child while they sleep. 

It sounded interesting, so I said yes. (I’m not sure I really had the choice though). 

Anyway, for at least 2 big years, no geese news, and not that much news from the Fairy Mariette. 

I can say now that both are back. Like, back back. Don’t know if I should be happy about it. Anyway, here you go, first pic of a geese serial (I know, I should redo my nail polish, no worries…on the “to do list”).

Enjoy people and sleep tight, who knows what’s gonna wake you up tonight 😉




I don’t know if this news is going to revolutionize science, but it turns out that starfishes travel on stingrays… Which kind of makes sense, I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever pay attention to starfishes swimming? They are Those guys can’t manage to go where they want, waves decide for them. I think I would be annoyed. A starfish life  must be full of frustration. I don’t get Mother Nature sometimes. I really don’t.


I hope you had a nice sunday 😉



I hope you had a nice Xmas! Mine has been a tiny bit disturbed… I’ve been attacked by pirate whales… and pirate fishes… I guess this is what happens when you live close to the sea! Anyway, I wonder what’s going to happen for new year’s eve…


I wish you a wonderful new year!

Bottled tears.

« If you cannot stop your tears, then keep them in a secret bottle, perhaps one day, they will put back a smile on your face… »

This is what the Fairy Mariette told me one day…

And this is what I’ve done since that day…

Of course, I had to optimize a bit the process…

First the collection, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried, but this is not that easy to collect tears. Even with some fancy tools. I thought naively that because I was working in a research laboratory I could use the perfect tools to collect my  own tears, like fancy pipets, or tubes. I was wrong. Like often in the lab. So, I gave up with the fancy tools and used a simple small piece of natural sponge which I could wring above my small tears-bottle. And it worked.

But the came another problem… Since I started to focus of how well I was collecting my tears, I stopped crying.

Obvious. If you’re focus on collecting tears, you’re not on your pain anymore.

So, I  thought, « ah, Fairy Mariette, I got you ! This was just a way to distract myself from my pain, ! » But that was without considering that I’m a bit stubborn and that my scientific side might want to know if yes or no this is true. Because from now, the only effect I got on my face, were stupefaction and disappointment !

Thus, for years, I kept collecting my tears. Definitely slowly (because of the focusing issue) but still, I got some. And I never knew how exactly I was supposed to keep them, I mean,  in the fridge ? In the freezer ? At room temperature ? In the dark ? and so on… And even though I do like the Fairy Mariette, for those kind of questions, she is really really bad.

But anyway, I wrote down everything in a book. Told you… I’m working in a laboratory, everything has to be written down. How would you expect people to remember which experiment and how they have done it 5 years ago ? Well, I can tell you exactly which experiment I was doing 5 years ago and how. But that’s not the topic, let’s go back to the tears collection.

So I wrote down everything :

-the storage : 300 mL glass bottle, room temperature, dry cabinet, protected from the light.

Also, which kind of tears it was, I mean, from which pain it came from and how much I got, like :

– Tears from the 28th of June 2012: the day I realized that I care too much about you, 1150µL.

– Tears from the 5th of May 2012: the day I woke up after a bad dream, looking for your warm arm, but realized after a few sec that you left that place almost 2 years ago, 2532µL.

– Tears from the 18th of June 2010: the day I could have call you for your birthday, but thought that after 4 years without seeing you, I would have not know what else to say, 1103µL.

– Tears from the 26th of June 2012: the day I hit my small toe on the edge of that damned bloody chair, again. Only 50µL, but concentrate ones… Ouch!

And, one evening, after 247mL of deep sorrow, I found this in my tears’s bottle :

A tiny shark, eating a huge worm ! (Nature stopped surprise me a loooooong time ago…). So I have to admit that it did work! I was smiling, even laughing (when I tried to catch them !) A tiny cute shark, swimming with a worm in the ocean of my tears, how poetic is that ? (And I will not ask the signification of Worm/shark coming from my tears to a shrink, no no no…)

Anyway, now I have to take care of those 2 guys, and I will check tomorrow if more are coming.

Thank you Fairy Mariette 😉

Little paper boats

I’ve been in a paper boat mood lately… No visit from the fairy Mariette, so no crazy critter popping up in my apartment… Which makes my environment a little bit more quiet. Then I went shopping! I went shopping in all secondhand shops, flea markets I could find, and I bought books, old books. Funny how a simple book with maybe nothing interesting into, or written by a really really really bad author, funny how just the fact that the pages are yellowish, smelling old, an old cover, old font, old illustrations, written in danish, and I feel like I have gold in my hands.

When I was a child, I had this old book from Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers, it was old, and smelly, I never read it but oh god I was so in love with that book! Then I drew in it. I was fascinated by this little girl in Inspector Gadget who got a computer hiding in a simple book. So I drew my secret computer in that book too. Many hours of game, I’m telling you. I guess this is not surprising if a few years later (yes, just a few) I keep doing that.

I just feel this is boring to draw on a piece paper just dedicated to that when all around you have one million of different amazing support. Like the walls. Who the hell said that it was forbidden to draw on your walls? when you’re a kid, your parents got mad if you dare draw on the wall. Seriously?? Nobody’s dead right? You just want to express yourself and think that instead of killing trees you’d rather draw on walls (yes, even really young you can think like this already). For sure, my kids will be allowed to draw whatever they want, wherever they want, on MY walls… And I might have to teach them that it’s not like this at their friend’s place…

But, back to my old books! I love the pages yellowed by the passing time, then I thought I should do more than just drawing on it… And came the idea of paper boat. Peaceful activity… Nina Simone’s singing and I’m folding piece of precious paper into little boats. How cosy!

Thus, quickly, I’ve been surrounded by one thousand boats.

So I started to put them all over my place, as decoration. But I still had 950 left… What should I do with those… What?? You destroy old books, and you don’t know what to do with?? Calm down…I don’t destroy, I give a second life! And because I might have something with things hanging, I made mobiles with…

I’ve been complaining many times about all troubles it was to host silly critters at my place, the noise, the mess, critters popping up everywhere, so you could think that now I’m ok… But no, I’m not, at all. I feel like I’ve been living in an old library and that someone put a bomb in it. That’s the way my place is looking right now. Old books everywhere, pieces of precious paper, driftwood, pastel oil, old frames… My atelier (understand my desk) was dedicated in one place in my apartment, but then, things moved (by themselves) on the kitchen table, and now in the living-room, soon I’m expecting to see tools and paper boats in the bathroom… And she complains, again and again! Well, yes, she is french…;-)