It’s not too late…

…to wish you all a happy new year! (At least in France, we have until the end of January to wish people a happy new year.. so here you go)

And as a good resolution for 2015, I decided to stop stopping clay. I’m not sure I know why sometimes it’s just difficult for me to create stuff in clay. Maybe I get scared of this feeling of frustration when you’re not satisfied of what you’ve made. This is an awful feeling. And you get caught in your daily routine, and you find yourself 1000 excuses not to “clay” again. And the worse (and that’s where I really don’t understand myself) it’s when people ask me to make a mobile for them…Instead of comforting me in the idea that I should pursue, I stop. (And yes, I’ll talk to my shrink about that :D).

Anyway. I’m back in business. Hopefully for a long time. But so far I have ideas, so things should work out.

And I’ve been working a lot lately… I have a lot of geese waiting for some love… I like to take pics before or right after the baking step, but it takes a while until I get the mobile done… There are plenty of steps after the oven people… Like sanding down, pencils, second round of baking, drilling, choosing the driftwood (finding the driftwood…), assembling the whole thing and taking the last pics. So a pic now, doesn’t mean a mobile tomorrow. Anyway, I’m writing too much. So here you go for the latest babies:




And an hairy one :


Enjoy people!

I like birds…

What can I do about it? I just love them, they all look cute and clumsy… So I’m drawing birds…


And well, I have a thing for pink flamingos, but since I’m always using the same pencils, and since I still get easily bored, I thought maybe I could make some blue flamingos and green flamingos instead. By the way, the name of the green one is Greengo.

I’m drawing in old books… I know, shame on me. I was drawing in books when I was a kid, thanks to Inspector Gadget… The little girl in that cartoon had a computer hiding in a book… I was SO amazed… And I started drawing computers in books… Now I draw birds, but anyhow, I’m still a kid 🙂

So of course when I found the “rue Poissonnière” page, (fishwife street) in my “Rues de Paris” book, the first bird which came in my mind was one craving for fishes… One who could stand for ever, next to a pool, to catch a fish. A heron.

But, well, a heron is not that exotic… One which is very exotic, and…how to put it nicely… one which has not been spoiled by Mother Nature, it’s the Lesser Adjutant. Oh man, that one is so ugly. An ugly bird? How comes? What the hell went wrong that day? Anyway, this one is ugly, but I love it anyway. It looks like an old man…

photo 3-1

I guess that “soon”, I’ll post more bird’s drawings…

Oh, since I’m here today, yeah, you noticed maybe, I don’t post that often, but I’m always around, always… So just as a reminder, I’ll be pleased if you find other ideas than the one I post on my blog, I’ll be pleased if you don’t take my pics, my stories, shape my stuff in clay, because that all comes from my little brain and heart. Or maybe you should not call yourself an artist, maybe more a thief. If you manage to look at yourself in the mirror everyday, good for you, but I’d like you to think, for each “Like” on Facebook, am I really honest here…? Just saying…

Thanks! and for the others: I love you all!


Big mobile…

Big mobile...

What will happen to your growing squash, if you forget it in the garden? It will grow, like crazy, and you’ll have a giant squash. That’s the same with ptitsmobiles… Look at this big one!

-Food chains-

If you look into marine food chains closely, you’ll find out “ishly” that sharks eat octopuses, octopuses eat crabs, crabs eat clams and clams eat plankton. You can complicate the scheme by introducing squids and stingrays, both predators of small fishes, mollusks and crustaceans, and prey of sharks and big fishes. Then you can add into the picture, seabirds, predators of fishes and basically all leftovers of food reachable on earth (from pizza,  french fries to vomit…yeah I know disgusting but true), and according to Mother Nature  and google those guys are the prey of sharks (again). So if I must summarize and apply this to all the sea creatures I have in my apartment (and ok, also in my head), I know who’s eating my hermit crabs, clams, crabs, fishes, stingrays, squids, octopuses, birds, and sharks. Then if I think correct, the next question is who’s eating the sharks and my whales, since if I wanna keep that place as an nice ecosystem, I need predators for those 2 guys. Google my hero pops up again, and says, that besides killer whales, predators of baby whales and some sharks, Humans are theirs predators. In other words, I’m supposed to kill my whales and my sharks if I don’t want to be invaded. You can imagine that I won’t do that. Ever. And I won’t ask Fairy Mariette for killer whales either since I don’t like those. So what can I do?

Here is my answer:


Have a fun sunday people 🙂



For those who followed this wonderful blog from the very beginning… WhaAat? Was I the only one following it??

Well, then, you might need a refresh otherwise you won’t understand the importance of the news. 

They are back.


Well, those who decided to party last night in my living room! And if you’d follow my stories, you would know that 3 years ago, I woke up, one night, because of noise in my living room. And what did I find partying and coming from nowhere? Geese.

Yes, geese. I did not recognize it first, because the only thing I saw was pairs of surprised eyes glowing in the dark, like this:


And like his…


And, yeah, it was a bunch of geese, and believe me they know how to party…(they might be a bit danish…). Anyway, to continue in the “refreshment”, I found geese, did not know what to do with, then the Fairy Mariette appeared in my living room too (you would be surprised of how many people/things you could cross in that living room), and she told me to make mobiles with it, to take care of child while they sleep. 

It sounded interesting, so I said yes. (I’m not sure I really had the choice though). 

Anyway, for at least 2 big years, no geese news, and not that much news from the Fairy Mariette. 

I can say now that both are back. Like, back back. Don’t know if I should be happy about it. Anyway, here you go, first pic of a geese serial (I know, I should redo my nail polish, no worries…on the “to do list”).

Enjoy people and sleep tight, who knows what’s gonna wake you up tonight 😉




I don’t know if this news is going to revolutionize science, but it turns out that starfishes travel on stingrays… Which kind of makes sense, I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever pay attention to starfishes swimming? They are Those guys can’t manage to go where they want, waves decide for them. I think I would be annoyed. A starfish life  must be full of frustration. I don’t get Mother Nature sometimes. I really don’t.


I hope you had a nice sunday 😉



I hope you had a nice Xmas! Mine has been a tiny bit disturbed… I’ve been attacked by pirate whales… and pirate fishes… I guess this is what happens when you live close to the sea! Anyway, I wonder what’s going to happen for new year’s eve…


I wish you a wonderful new year!