Ptitsmobiles’ story

Everything started a cold night of November 2009, in my beloved Denmark, when woke up by noises, I plucked up enough courage, and entered the living-room.

Oh god! What a chock, several pairs of glowing eyes were starring at me…

I turned on the light, and figured out that these big round eyes belonged to some tubby geese which mysteriously landed in my home.

I asked : “What are you doing here?”

The Geese :” The fairy Mariette sent us, you have to take care of us now”.

Me: “Well, my home is not a coop…How am I supposed to take care of you?”

Then, suddenly, someone knocked heavily at my door.

Me: “Who is it?” “Who is visiting me in the middle of the night!?”

Behind the door and loudly: “Sorry to disturb you Estelle, I’m the Fairy Mariette, open the door, we need to talk.”

I let her in.

You would probably expect the Fairy Mariette to be like the ones coming directly from a fairy tale, or a Disney show, but believe me, she had nothing to do with that. And if I should compare her to something, I’d probably think “Broccoli”…

She was chubby, loud, looking at her clothe : definitely colorblind. Her mouth was full of teeth but somehow, none of them were in the right order, and I’d have probably expected to find a lot of things hiding in that thick curly hair carpeting the top of her head.

She would totally fill out the room by her presence and attitude as much as with her sweet perfume.

She was in my living-room and she didn’t plan to go anywhere else. Lucky me.

The fairy Mariette:” Estelle, I know some kids who can’t sleep at night. They have monsters hiding in their bedroom, crocodiles under their beds, spiders running all over the walls, ogres waiting outside the window, witches laughing out loud, and who knows else. Believe me, NOT funny to go to bed for them. So I need your help. Here are some crazy geese, but I can get you flamingos, pelicans, octopuses, hermit crabs, clams, stingrays, squids, whales, fishes and so on. Each of these critters have theirs eyes glowing in the dark, and each of these critters have a speciality. The geese eat spiders and others little insects which could disturb a beauty sleep. Flamingos attracted witches with their crooked beak (they think they are related since they have the same nose…) but they get pinched heavily. Pelicans attract ogres with food hiding in their gaping maw…they get pinched too. Octopuses wrap their tentacles all around crocodiles ‘s jaws… Fishes make scary faces and scare the life out of ghosts. And I can keep going, but I’m in a hurry so I won’t take that time. But, basically, what I’m asking you, is to make mobiles with these critters. I know you like walking along the sea, and collect driftwood, maybe you can use that driftwood for your mobiles. Anyway, I have to leave, I’m supposed to welcome and pick up some octopuses down to the harbor, they just travelled a looooong way from the deep seas, that would be rude if I was late! But don’t you worry, I’ll come back.”

And she left the room like a storm, leaving behind her, the sweet perfume. And the geese.


She did come back, a couple of weeks later, with octopuses, then pelicans, then whales, etc… And I started sending around mobiles, to protect kids while they are asleep. So far I’ve been told, it’s working… Though, sometimes, some critters get a bit confused, and start pinching parents. Especially the hermit crabs, they don’t really behave… They have a claw against parents…

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