Nope, I’m not making words up. Shini stands for Sheena and Michi for Michelle, and if you’re in need of fresh oxygen in your everyday life, I can not encourage you more than to follow the adventures of these 2 sweeeeeet twin sisters.

I am secretly in admiration with people travelling the world with their backpack and camera, to witness some beauty. And this is one thing to be aware of what is all around you, and be amazed by the beauty of the nature. But this must be really something to be able to share it with your twin sister, when what you experience makes echo in the other one. And the magic of Shinimichi is that they manage to make echo in us as well. I defy you not to smile and not to feel like grabbing your backpack when looking at their beautiful pictures. I have the deepest respect for people like Sheena and Michelle, eager to experience, eager to travel but also eager to share. And the least I can do to acknowledge their work and encourage them to keep travelling, keep sharing and keep adding oxygen and spices in our life, is to share as well their adventures.

The blog:

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That was the first round.

And now it’s hanging. I wish they will keep quiet tonight, but I don’t think they will. But that’s what happen when you put together 36 geese and 6 flamingos. And that’s also thanks to that, they can keep away monsters, crocodiles, ghosts or whatever wants to scare kids in the night time. Big eyes glowing in the dark, sharpened beaks…if I was a monster, I would run away…and they do.

But, apparently, 36 geese is not enough for me…I feel the need of making more… So tomorrow, I’ll start the second round… Stay tuned people:) And safe!

It’s not too late…

…to wish you all a happy new year! (At least in France, we have until the end of January to wish people a happy new year.. so here you go)

And as a good resolution for 2015, I decided to stop stopping clay. I’m not sure I know why sometimes it’s just difficult for me to create stuff in clay. Maybe I get scared of this feeling of frustration when you’re not satisfied of what you’ve made. This is an awful feeling. And you get caught in your daily routine, and you find yourself 1000 excuses not to “clay” again. And the worse (and that’s where I really don’t understand myself) it’s when people ask me to make a mobile for them…Instead of comforting me in the idea that I should pursue, I stop. (And yes, I’ll talk to my shrink about that :D).

Anyway. I’m back in business. Hopefully for a long time. But so far I have ideas, so things should work out.

And I’ve been working a lot lately… I have a lot of geese waiting for some love… I like to take pics before or right after the baking step, but it takes a while until I get the mobile done… There are plenty of steps after the oven people… Like sanding down, pencils, second round of baking, drilling, choosing the driftwood (finding the driftwood…), assembling the whole thing and taking the last pics. So a pic now, doesn’t mean a mobile tomorrow. Anyway, I’m writing too much. So here you go for the latest babies:




And an hairy one :


Enjoy people!

I’m done now, we can talk!

About what you would say?? About all the stuffs I’ve done those last few weeks of course! Yes yes yes, I was working, it’s not because I’m french, that I’m striking all the time!! And it’s not because the fairy Mariette is french too that she is striking too!! (In the same time I’m not sure she is really concerned about the pension and stuff like that, a fairy doesn’t have age, so 60, 62, 65… same for her). Conversely, I’m concerned… but I’m in Denmark, and even if I’d love to strike alone in front of the train station (yes, I’ve seen that in Aarhus, if you want to strike – that’s happened sometimes- you have to do that in front of the train station…), or even if  I’d love to prevent people to take gasoline at the fuel pomp, I’ll be just a bit scared to be  stopped by a biiiiig and huuuuuuuge and taaaaaall lovely viking… And believe me, even if the most often they are “cute”, they are also very very scary. But, I digress…

So, what’s up if I was not striking!? I’ve been visited by the Fairy Mariette, and as each time she visited me, I found new critters in my apartment, like squids and octopuses in my sink, goose and flamingo in my magic tree, stingrays in the washing machine and hermit crabs almost everywhere. That’s not a life that!!!! Can you imagine that each morning, when I go in the kitchen to take my breakfast, or in the bathroom to take my shower, I have to be careful where I put my foot, because I can walk on those crazy critters?! How can I be focus when I woke up?! I’m not! I’m like you, eyes in the fog, brain on the pillow, and mind in my dreams… For sure when you hear those tiny hermit crabs screaming, you wake up… But, I digress, again… the reason why the Fairy Mariette visited me, was because she wanted from me to make new mobiles for “little french person”. (I said “little person” instead of “children” because I noticed that many men around my young age, talk about “little person” and are scared to pronounce “kids, or child, or children” Oh my god a child!!!!! That’s scary!! So, if by chance, a young man read this post, I don’t want to frighten him…). Anyway, I made several mobiles for those “little french person” and I’m glad to say to their parents that they could find them in the shop of Le Crapaud Poilu, in Caen for the Festival des Boréales! What’s that? Each year, and for nineteenth time now, it’s celebrated the Scandinavian art and culture, (such a good idea!) you’ll find more informations (in french sorry) on youtube and on facebook. So for this occasion, Marion Chopin who has this wonderful shop of art and handmade for “little person” is going to host some of my mobiles!

Oh, let me guess, you want to see the critters which are going to be down there… That’s it!

But, that was not the only reason of the visit of the fairy Mariette! She likes to bring me good news from France and also when it’s about birth… So I’m glad to say that two lovely “little person” arrived in my family a couple of weeks ago, Gabriel and Capucine! And I’ve for you two, two special mobiles, full of tenderness, I’ve selected the funniest and the craziest critters, but, no worries they are also very good to protect your afternoon naps and your nights, you could sleep tight…

And, at last, I’ll talk to you the next time about a discover I’ve done a couple of month ago, my crazy critters have new friends, but I’ll introduce them at the end of the month, you need some pumpkins around you, and I won’t say more for today!



As you know…

As you know now, when there is snow in Aarhus, there are whales in my living room. And last week, it was snowing… So, I’ve collected 6 whales and made 2 Ptitsmobiles…

Nevertheless, I’ve ever found somebody to take care of them… Don’t worry, I’ve seen on internet that there will have snow next weekend…

As you know too, last time, I’ve found squid and octopus in my kitchen (in the sink of course not in the oven…), and you know what, there had clams with them, and because I didn’t payed attention, squids start to catch them!! It’s awful! I could not separate them! So, here there is now some squids Ptitsmobiles with or without (Yooooooooooou… not really…) so, with or without clams (!), and here a new and poor alone octopus.

As you know again, hermit crab appear in the Christmas tree… I swear that mine is in the trash for a long time now! But, and I don’t know why, I’ve found hermit crab in the living room too… So, there are here new Ptitsmobiles hermit crab.

And now something that you DON’T know, I believe that you don’t know all of you who ventures into that blog, that you can leave a comment… YES YOU CAN, and I will be glad to read you… 😉

And now, en français!

Comme vous le savez maintenant, quand il neige à Aarhus, il y a des baleines qui apparaissent dans mon salon… Il a neigé la semaine dernière et j’ai donc récupéré 6 baleines avec lesquelles j’ai fait 2 Ptitsmobiles. Cependant, elles ont déjà été adoptées, mais pas de panique, ils annoncent de la neige pour le weekend prochain!

Comme vous le savez aussi, j’ai trouvé la dernière fois dans l’évier de ma cuisine, des calamars et des poulpes… Je ne m’en suis pas occupée tout de suite, et je n’avais pas fait attention qu’en plus il y avait des palourdes! Seulement les calamars ont commencé à attraper les palourdes, un vrai carnage, je n’ai pas pu les séparer… Donc vous trouverez ici, des Ptitsmobiles calamars avec ou sans palourdes et un pauvre et seul poulpe ici.

Comme vous le savez encore, les Bernard l’hermite apparaissent dans les sapins de Noel… Je vous jure que le mien est à la poubelle depuis longtemps maintenant, mais j’ai trouvé des Bernard l’hermite dans mon salon! Ils sont ici maintenant.

Et maintenant quelque chose que visiblement vous ne savez pas, et je parle à toutes celles et ceux qui s’aventurent sur ce blog, vous POUVEZ laisser un petit commentaire… Oui, vous pouvez le faire et je serais ravie de vous lire… 😉

Alors?! / And then?!

C’est quoi ce silence?

Chuuuuuuuuut, je regarde la neige tomber… alors je n’ai pas d’histoire à raconter… De toute façon, la Fée Mariette n’est pas revenue, j’imagine qu’elle doit aussi s’occuper de ses cadeaux de Noël!

Et puis il est 22H50, c’est la tempête dehors, et je préfère rester à ma fenêtre, écouter la neige tomber… C’est déjà tout blanc! Je ne vois plus mon vélo!

Ooooh mais qu’est ce que c’est que ça?

Des petites baleines! Elles sont venues se poser sur ma fenêtre comme des petits flocons de neige!

Ah, j’entends le clochet de l’église sonner, il est 23H, les lumières de la ville s’éteignent, vite tout le monde au chaud!

Alors, venez par ici mes jolies que je vous regarde de plus près…

Je ne savais pas que les baleines tombaient en même temps que la neige… Il se passe des choses au Danemark, inimaginables…

Bonne nuit.

So, why this silence??

Schuuuuuuush, I watch the snow fall… and I have no story to tell… Anyway, the Fairy Mariette is not returned, I imagine she must also do her Christmas gifts!

And then it is 22:50, it’s the storm outside, and I prefer to stay at my window, listening to snow fall … It’s already white! I can not see my bike!

Ooooh but what’s that?

Small whales! They came to land on my window like little snowflakes!

Ah, I hear the church bell ring, it is 11pm, the city lights go out, quick everyone inside!

So come here my pretty as I look you more closer …

I didn’t know that whales were falling at the same time as the snow … There’s things in Denmark, unimaginable …

Good night.