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The Ptitsmobiles have been silent, because they were moving back in France! If you want more news, day to day progress or just pictures, please go and check Instagram or Facebook.

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The flamingo anti-witch.

I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been told, once… I’ve been told about that beautiful little girl who slept with sunglasses in order of not being seen by the crocodiles which were sleeping under her bed in the night time… … Continue reading

That was the first round.

And now it’s hanging. I wish they will keep quiet tonight, but I don’t think they will. But that’s what happen when you put together 36 geese and 6 flamingos. And that’s also thanks to that, they can keep away monsters, crocodiles, ghosts or whatever wants to scare kids in the night time. Big eyes glowing in the dark, sharpened beaks…if I was a monster, I would run away…and they do.

But, apparently, 36 geese is not enough for me…I feel the need of making more… So tomorrow, I’ll start the second round… Stay tuned people:) And safe!

Nouveaux Ptitsmobiles!

Deux  nouveaux Ptitsmobiles Flamant rose aujourd’hui! Un que vous retrouverez dans la nouvelle galerie “Ptitsmobiles disponibles” et un autre qui s’est dĂ©jĂ  envolé pour l’Italie et qui sera donc dans la galerie “Ptitsmobiles vendus”…

Two new Ptitsmobiles Pink Flamingo today! You can find the first one in the new Ptitsmobiles available’s gallery, and the second one which has already flown to Italy, in the new Ptitsmobiles sold’s gallery…

La vie en rose!

Today was the day of flamingos!

flamingorĂ©veilI’m sure you’re wondering how look like  flamingos when they wake…  They look like this, crazy hair. Of course, before to put them on my mobile, I brush them…

Now they are ready, I can show you some pictures of them, just before the varnishing’s step…



Hmmm, I think I still have much work to do … Maybe, tomorrow 2 news flamingos mobile…