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The Ptitsmobiles have been silent, because they were moving back in France! If you want more news, day to day progress or just pictures, please go and check Instagram or Facebook.

Take care


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That was the first round.

And now it’s hanging. I wish they will keep quiet tonight, but I don’t think they will. But that’s what happen when you put together 36 geese and 6 flamingos. And that’s also thanks to that, they can keep away monsters, crocodiles, ghosts or whatever wants to scare kids in the night time. Big eyes glowing in the dark, sharpened beaks…if I was a monster, I would run away…and they do.

But, apparently, 36 geese is not enough for me…I feel the need of making more… So tomorrow, I’ll start the second round… Stay tuned people:) And safe!


For those who followed this wonderful blog from the very beginning… WhaAat? Was I the only one following it??

Well, then, you might need a refresh otherwise you won’t understand the importance of the news. 

They are back.


Well, those who decided to party last night in my living room! And if you’d follow my stories, you would know that 3 years ago, I woke up, one night, because of noise in my living room. And what did I find partying and coming from nowhere? Geese.

Yes, geese. I did not recognize it first, because the only thing I saw was pairs of surprised eyes glowing in the dark, like this:


And like his…


And, yeah, it was a bunch of geese, and believe me they know how to party…(they might be a bit danish…). Anyway, to continue in the “refreshment”, I found geese, did not know what to do with, then the Fairy Mariette appeared in my living room too (you would be surprised of how many people/things you could cross in that living room), and she told me to make mobiles with it, to take care of child while they sleep. 

It sounded interesting, so I said yes. (I’m not sure I really had the choice though). 

Anyway, for at least 2 big years, no geese news, and not that much news from the Fairy Mariette. 

I can say now that both are back. Like, back back. Don’t know if I should be happy about it. Anyway, here you go, first pic of a geese serial (I know, I should redo my nail polish, no worries…on the “to do list”).

Enjoy people and sleep tight, who knows what’s gonna wake you up tonight 😉



Dear Louise… Chère Louise…

Dear Louise,

Thanks to the Fairy Mariette, I’ve heard that you were arrived in the world a couple of weeks ago. So, welcome, I hope it’s still also confortable and cozy as in your tummy’s mummy.

For this occasion, I send you goose‘s Ptitsmobile, you are going to understand very fastly that it will be helpful for starting your life.

The goose can protect you in your sleep, for example if sometimes you are scared by bad dreams, monster or I don’t know what in your bedroom, the goose will be here with their phosophorescent eyes specialised in the detection of bad dreams or monsters. And when the goose eyes detect bad dreams and monsters, they catch them and pinch them with their beaks! You can understand easily that in this condition they don’t stay longer!

Of course like everything, sometimes the phosphorescent eyes detector doesn’t work very well, and it’s possible that your parents will be pinch too, buuuuut, nothing is perfect and it’s better to pinch parents and bad dreams and have a good sleep than pinch nobody and sleep bad! And you can be happy because last time, I’ve send hermit crab, and now I have troubles with parents who are pinch all the time by them (I don’t know why) and beleive me a pinch of hermit crab this is not a pinch of geese! That hurts much more!

So I hope you’re going to enjoy your life with your news friends…

Take care


Ps: You can find in attached a picture of new critters, the guinea-fowl for fridge, I could tell you this story anothertime!

Chère Louise,

J’ai appris grâce à la Fée Mariette que tu étais venue au monde il y a quelques jours. Alors, bienvenue! J’espère que c’est aussi douillet et confortable ici que dans le ventre de ta maman.

Pour cette occasion, je t’envoie un Ptitsmobile Oie, tu vas vite te rendre compte combien il te sera utile. Les oies vont te protéger dans ton sommeil, quand par exemple tu feras de mauvais rêves ou qu’il y aura des monstres dans ta chambre. Les yeux phosphorescents des oies sont des détecteurs à monstres et à cauchemars… et quand ils en ont repérés, les monstres et les cauchemars sont attrapés et pincés par les oies! Tu imagines que dans de telles conditions, ils ne resteront pas bien longtemps à t’importuner.

Par contre, rien n’est parfait et il peut arriver que le détecteur à montres ne fonctionne pas très bien. Il n’est pas rare que certains parents soient pincés… Maaaaaais la vie est ainsi faite et il vaut mieux pincer parents et monstres et dormir tranquille la nuit plutôt que de ne rien pincer du tout et faire de mauvais rêves! Et puis tu peux t’estimer heureuse car j’ai envoyé dernièrement un Ptitsmobile Bernard l’hermite, et j’ai de gros problèmes avec les parents qui se font pincer régulièrement et, crois moi un pincement de crabe c’est bien plus douloureux qu’un pincement d’oie!

Bon, je te souhaite une belle vie avec tes nouveaux amis.

Prends soin de toi.


Ps: tu trouveras en attaché une photo de mes nouvelles bestioles, les pintades de frigo… mais je t’en dirai plus une autre fois.

Some changes…

Hej everyone!

I’ve made some changes on this blog today… Now you could find on the right top differents gallery with geese, pelican, pink flamingo, hermit crab, whale and fish. If the name of the Ptitsmobiles is “Flew!/Envolé!” that means they are not available, and if they are called “Fish” or “Whale 4”, that means they ARE available… And if you want a Ptitsmobiles which is not available, maybe you can send me an email here and I’ll see what I can do!

Oh! I’ve forgotten, there are now “big Ptitsmobiles”… Ok, there are not big big, but they have more critters…

As soon as possible, I’m going to put the size of the Ptitsmobiles (I would like to put a scale on picture, but for the moment I don’t really know how I’m going to do that easily with my wonderful and complicated software…), because it’s not obvious to realize how they truly are! So, this the next step!

Good visit!

La Fée Mariette! The Fairy Mariette!

la Fée Mariette a encore frappé…

Je crois que je vais arrêter toute forme de végétation dans mon appartement. Nous avons installé notre sapin de Noël hier soir, et ce que je craignais arriva… Réveillée en pleine nuit encore une fois, par le chat cette fois-ci (Micht pas facile à dire, mais c’est comme ça). J’enfile encore une fois mon peignoir psychédélique… Direction le salon, et je tombe sur Micht essayant de grimper dans le sapin! “NOn! Micht! Tu descends tout de suite!” alors il aime bien machouiller de la verdure mais là quand même le sapin de Noël, ce n’est pas ce qu’il y a de plus agréable…

Oui sauf, que ce n’est pas le sapin qu’il voulait goûter, mais ça:

Mais qu’est-ce que c’est que cette petite chose??? Et je me retourne et je tombe sur ça:

Et bien voilà! Il ne me manquait plus que ça! Des crustacés dans mon salon en pleine nuit, je sais que Noël arrive mais quand même! Et puis bien sur aucunes explications, pas de Fée Mariette à l’horizon, et puis j’entends que ça chuchote près de mon bureau, alors je vais voir, et là 6 paires d’yeux phosphorescents. “Tient, des petits nouveaux!”

Alors j’en profite et je pose mes questions. “Je peux savoir où est passée la Fée Mariette?” “La Fée Mariette a la grippe.” me dit-on, “Zut, (en même temps je ne sais pas si les vaccins sont efficaces sur les fées), et sauriez-vous par hasard ce que je suis sensée faire de ces deux Bernard l’hermite?” “Oui, la Fée Mariette nous a dit de te dire de t’occuper d’eux comme tu t’occupes de nous!”

Bon, et bien voilà ce qu’il me reste à faire… Après les oies, les flamants roses et les pélicans me voilà avec des crustacés sur les bras, et allez faire un mobile avec ça, je voudrais bien vous y voir!

Bon dimanche à tous et vérifiez bien vos sapins…

The Fairy Mariette strikes again …

I think I’m going to stop any form of vegetation in my apartment. We have installed our Christmas tree last night and what I feared happened … Awakened in the middle of the night again, the cat this time (Micht not easy to say but it’s like that). Once again I put my psychedelic bathrobe … direction the living room, and I fall on Micht trying to climb into the tree! “No! Micht! You down immediately!” Then he likes to chew my green plants but the Christmas tree, this is not what is better …

Yes, except that this is not the tree that he wanted to try, but this:

An hermit crab…

But what’s that little thing?? And I turn and I fall on this:

A second hermit crab…

And it is! All I wanted more than that! Shellfish in my living room at night, I know that Christmas comes but still! And then of course no explanation, no fairy Mariette to the horizon, and then I hear it’s whispered near my office, so I’ll go and see, and what? Six pairs of phosphorescent eyes. “New birds!”

So I take this opportunity and I ask my questions. ” can I know what happened to the Fairy Mariette?” “The Fairy Mariette has the flu.”  Said them, “Damn, (at the same time I do not know if vaccines are effective on the fairies), and would you know by chance what I’m supposed to do with these two Hermit Crabs?” “Yes,  the Fairy Mariette told us to tell you to take care of them as you take care of us!”

Okay, well that is what I have to do … After the geese, flamingos and pelicans here I am with the shellfish on the arm, and will make a mobile with it, I would love to see you there!

Good Sunday to all and make sure of your Christmas tree …

Les Ptitsmobiles ont migré jusque sur le blog de Sa Marraine La Fée…

Quelle bonne surprise! Les Ptitsmobiles sont sur le blog de Sa Marraine La Fée… Mais c’est qui Sa Marraine La Fée d’abord???? Quoi??? Vous ne savez pas qui c’est!!!! Sa Marraine La Fée c’est Delphine Roche de Montgrand, connue également sous le pseudonyme de La Fille Du Consul… Ça y est, la mémoire revient? Et oui c’est bien cette artiste qui avec talent et poésie réalise des bijoux trompe-l’oeil en argile de polymère… Aaaaah vous voulez des photos et bien je invite vivement à cet endroit pour retrouver de fabuleuses feuilles de gingko biloba, des radis, des poivrons, des fraises, des mirabelles et une multitude d’autres bijoux gourmands! Vous n’aviez pas d’idée pour vos cadeaux de Noël? C’est chose faite!

Ptitsmobiles have migrate until to the Sa Marraine La Fée‘s blog!

What a nice surprise! Ptitsmobiles are on the Sa Marraine La Fée ‘s blog! But who is Sa Marraine La Fée?! Whaat? You don’t know who is she???? Sa Marraine La Fée is Delphine Roche de Montgrant also known under the alias of The Consul’s Daughter… That is, your memory come back? Yes, it is this artist with talent and poetry who makes jewelry “trompe-l’oeil” in polymer clay … Of course, you want pictures, so I urge you to that place to find fabulous leaves of ginkgo biloba, radishes, peppers, strawberries, plums, and many other jewelry lovers! You didn’t have any idea for Christmas’s gift, now you have!