Big mobile…

Big mobile...

What will happen to your growing squash, if you forget it in the garden? It will grow, like crazy, and you’ll have a giant squash. That’s the same with ptitsmobiles… Look at this big one!


For those who followed this wonderful blog from the very beginning… WhaAat? Was I the only one following it??

Well, then, you might need a refresh otherwise you won’t understand the importance of the news. 

They are back.


Well, those who decided to party last night in my living room! And if you’d follow my stories, you would know that 3 years ago, I woke up, one night, because of noise in my living room. And what did I find partying and coming from nowhere? Geese.

Yes, geese. I did not recognize it first, because the only thing I saw was pairs of surprised eyes glowing in the dark, like this:


And like his…


And, yeah, it was a bunch of geese, and believe me they know how to party…(they might be a bit danish…). Anyway, to continue in the “refreshment”, I found geese, did not know what to do with, then the Fairy Mariette appeared in my living room too (you would be surprised of how many people/things you could cross in that living room), and she told me to make mobiles with it, to take care of child while they sleep. 

It sounded interesting, so I said yes. (I’m not sure I really had the choice though). 

Anyway, for at least 2 big years, no geese news, and not that much news from the Fairy Mariette. 

I can say now that both are back. Like, back back. Don’t know if I should be happy about it. Anyway, here you go, first pic of a geese serial (I know, I should redo my nail polish, no worries…on the “to do list”).

Enjoy people and sleep tight, who knows what’s gonna wake you up tonight 😉




I don’t know if this news is going to revolutionize science, but it turns out that starfishes travel on stingrays… Which kind of makes sense, I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever pay attention to starfishes swimming? They are Those guys can’t manage to go where they want, waves decide for them. I think I would be annoyed. A starfish life  must be full of frustration. I don’t get Mother Nature sometimes. I really don’t.


I hope you had a nice sunday 😉


The shop is open! La boutique est ouverte!

This is such a good new don’t you think? Ooooooooh yes it is… After 3 month (maybe more?) without new mobiles, that’s a shame! I know I know… But I was a bit disrupted, you know what? BECAUSE SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO COPYING WHAT I AM DOING!! And this is just unacceptable… Of course people forget that each piece of my “collection” are protected, and you can’t reproduce them. And people forget that it’s a piece of you, you put in your creation, this is because of what you are that you do what you do, and that gives to your creation a soul… Of course I’m going to show you a picture of this crappy thing, and I will be very glad if each person who are reading this post, can show this post and this picture to everybody! Like this all the earth will know what this person does. Because I’m  nice, I’m not going to reveal the name… But if it starts again, I’ll do it! UNDERSTOOD?

No more suspense, here we go: Grrrrrrrrh!

I know, I know, like me you’re disgusted… I just comfort myself by wondering which soul you can put in that stuff??

Anyway, I forget the essential, the shop is open, and that makes me happy!


En français!

La boutique est ouverte!!! C’est une sacrée bonne idée non? Après 3 mois (peut-être même plus) sans ajouter de nouveaux mobiles dans la boutique… Mais il faut savoir qu’il y avait une bonne raison à tout ça… J’étais un peu tourmentée, car je me suis aperçue  que QUELQU’UN AVAIT ESSAYé DE COPIER MES BESTIOLES!!!!! Et ça, c’est tout simplement inacceptable… Il ne faut pas oublier que chaque pièce que je modèle est protégée! Et les gens oublient parfois que c’est une part de vous que vous mettez dans vos créations, que de part votre histoire, votre parcours, voilà ce que vous êtes capable de faire et de raconter, et c’est tout cela qui donne une âme à vos créations. Bien sur je vais vous montrer cette horrible chose, et je serais ravie si chacun d’entre vous qui lisez ces lignes, puissiez faire circuler ce post que toute la terre entière sache ce que cette personne fait! Parce que je suis quelqu’un de bien, je ne donnerai pas de nom, mais si cette personne recommence, je le ferai! COMPRIS?

Sans plus attendre, l’objet du délit : Grrrrrrrrh!

Je sais, je sais, comme moi vous êtes écoeurés… La seule chose qui me réconforte c’est de me dire “mais qu’elle âme on peut bien mettre la dedans!?”

Enfin, j’en oublie l’essentiel, la boutique est OUVERTE! Et ça, ça me rend heureuse!


What the hell’s going on here?

Nothing… and this is THE problem.

I know I know, but, I’ve some good excuses:

1- I’ve started a new job (completely different from this one) yes, I’m sorry but dreaming and modeling don’t put food in my fridge…

2- I’m moving AGAIN (4 moves in 2 years, you believe that?) and I’ve AGAIN lots of stuff to pack.

3- Every Sunday, I go fishing… and I come back without fish (but last time I’ve rescued baby gellyfish on the sand… so cute-when they are tiny…).

4- You add the excuse 1, the excuse 2 and the excuse 3 and you figure out how I really don’t have the time for the moment to play…

So don’t worry, with all of this events, I don’t forget to open my eyes (scanning the sand to find new critters) and my ears (Herman Düne, you know that??), and in a few weeks, I could show you the new place of the Ptitsmobiles, with I hope others good news…

Vi ses*…

*see you, à bientôt,…

ps: the next post will be in danish… Ok, I’m kidding, I can’t, it’s too hard!

Nino and the little Mermaid…

I was in Copenhagen this week, to see the famous little mermaid of Hans Christian Andersen. I wanted to take a picture of the mermaid to send to my new nephew, Nino… So, I take my bike, direction the rock of the little mermaid…

Once arrived, no mermaid. I look everywhere, on the mermaid’s rock, beside the rock, behind the rock, NO MERMAID!!!

But where is the mermaid? And there, I saw a little paper, on the rock, a little piece of paper, to explain that the mermaid is in…Shangai!! Shangai?! But what a such idea??

The mermaid has decided to go in Shangai for few holydays, and because sometimes she thinks the weather is a little bit cold in Copenhagen, and because sometimes she just wants to travel too and not stay on her rock and see people who come from everywhere to see her…

So I can understand the reason why she wanted to go, but I was sad, not to have my picture of the little mermaid for my nephew Nino… And this is at this time, that the Fairy Mariette appears. Aaaaaah, the Fairy Mariette! “But what are you doing here Fairy Mariette??

“I’m here because of you! I’m looking for you everywhere! And this is your cat who says me that you were in Copenhagen for 2 days, (by the way, I think you’re going to find surprises in your apartment, your cat has made a big party I think…)”

“Ok, ok Fairy Mariette, don’t be mad, I’m here, you find me, what do you want?”

” I need you to do something important, I’ve rescued from the sink of my neighbor, some octopuses, clams and fishes. And I know that a little boy is borned a few days ago, and I’m sure that would be nice to give him this critters in mobiles of course.”

“Yes, ok, no problem Fairy Mariette, sure, I can do that. Can you just say me who boy is it?”

“This is Nino, a baby boy borned in France, close to the sea…”

“Mmmm, this is funny …I think I know him… So ok, Fairy Mariette, don’t worry I take care of that. And at the same time, I know you know the little Mermaid, so if you can just say to her hello… and maybe if you can give her my adress, the next time she’ll able to prevent me that she is not here!”

So, I’ve taken with me, the octopuses, the clams and the fishes, I’ve made a new Ptitmobile, and this one is only for you, my little nephew…

As you know…

As you know now, when there is snow in Aarhus, there are whales in my living room. And last week, it was snowing… So, I’ve collected 6 whales and made 2 Ptitsmobiles…

Nevertheless, I’ve ever found somebody to take care of them… Don’t worry, I’ve seen on internet that there will have snow next weekend…

As you know too, last time, I’ve found squid and octopus in my kitchen (in the sink of course not in the oven…), and you know what, there had clams with them, and because I didn’t payed attention, squids start to catch them!! It’s awful! I could not separate them! So, here there is now some squids Ptitsmobiles with or without (Yooooooooooou… not really…) so, with or without clams (!), and here a new and poor alone octopus.

As you know again, hermit crab appear in the Christmas tree… I swear that mine is in the trash for a long time now! But, and I don’t know why, I’ve found hermit crab in the living room too… So, there are here new Ptitsmobiles hermit crab.

And now something that you DON’T know, I believe that you don’t know all of you who ventures into that blog, that you can leave a comment… YES YOU CAN, and I will be glad to read you… 😉

And now, en français!

Comme vous le savez maintenant, quand il neige à Aarhus, il y a des baleines qui apparaissent dans mon salon… Il a neigé la semaine dernière et j’ai donc récupéré 6 baleines avec lesquelles j’ai fait 2 Ptitsmobiles. Cependant, elles ont déjà été adoptées, mais pas de panique, ils annoncent de la neige pour le weekend prochain!

Comme vous le savez aussi, j’ai trouvé la dernière fois dans l’évier de ma cuisine, des calamars et des poulpes… Je ne m’en suis pas occupée tout de suite, et je n’avais pas fait attention qu’en plus il y avait des palourdes! Seulement les calamars ont commencé à attraper les palourdes, un vrai carnage, je n’ai pas pu les séparer… Donc vous trouverez ici, des Ptitsmobiles calamars avec ou sans palourdes et un pauvre et seul poulpe ici.

Comme vous le savez encore, les Bernard l’hermite apparaissent dans les sapins de Noel… Je vous jure que le mien est à la poubelle depuis longtemps maintenant, mais j’ai trouvé des Bernard l’hermite dans mon salon! Ils sont ici maintenant.

Et maintenant quelque chose que visiblement vous ne savez pas, et je parle à toutes celles et ceux qui s’aventurent sur ce blog, vous POUVEZ laisser un petit commentaire… Oui, vous pouvez le faire et je serais ravie de vous lire… 😉

Nouveaux Ptitsmobiles!

Deux  nouveaux Ptitsmobiles Flamant rose aujourd’hui! Un que vous retrouverez dans la nouvelle galerie “Ptitsmobiles disponibles” et un autre qui s’est déjà envolé pour l’Italie et qui sera donc dans la galerie “Ptitsmobiles vendus”…

Two new Ptitsmobiles Pink Flamingo today! You can find the first one in the new Ptitsmobiles available’s gallery, and the second one which has already flown to Italy, in the new Ptitsmobiles sold’s gallery…