For those who followed this wonderful blog from the very beginning… WhaAat? Was I the only one following it??

Well, then, you might need a refresh otherwise you won’t understand the importance of the news. 

They are back.


Well, those who decided to party last night in my living room! And if you’d follow my stories, you would know that 3 years ago, I woke up, one night, because of noise in my living room. And what did I find partying and coming from nowhere? Geese.

Yes, geese. I did not recognize it first, because the only thing I saw was pairs of surprised eyes glowing in the dark, like this:


And like his…


And, yeah, it was a bunch of geese, and believe me they know how to party…(they might be a bit danish…). Anyway, to continue in the “refreshment”, I found geese, did not know what to do with, then the Fairy Mariette appeared in my living room too (you would be surprised of how many people/things you could cross in that living room), and she told me to make mobiles with it, to take care of child while they sleep. 

It sounded interesting, so I said yes. (I’m not sure I really had the choice though). 

Anyway, for at least 2 big years, no geese news, and not that much news from the Fairy Mariette. 

I can say now that both are back. Like, back back. Don’t know if I should be happy about it. Anyway, here you go, first pic of a geese serial (I know, I should redo my nail polish, no worries…on the “to do list”).

Enjoy people and sleep tight, who knows what’s gonna wake you up tonight 😉



I’m done now, we can talk!

About what you would say?? About all the stuffs I’ve done those last few weeks of course! Yes yes yes, I was working, it’s not because I’m french, that I’m striking all the time!! And it’s not because the fairy Mariette is french too that she is striking too!! (In the same time I’m not sure she is really concerned about the pension and stuff like that, a fairy doesn’t have age, so 60, 62, 65… same for her). Conversely, I’m concerned… but I’m in Denmark, and even if I’d love to strike alone in front of the train station (yes, I’ve seen that in Aarhus, if you want to strike – that’s happened sometimes- you have to do that in front of the train station…), or even if  I’d love to prevent people to take gasoline at the fuel pomp, I’ll be just a bit scared to be  stopped by a biiiiig and huuuuuuuge and taaaaaall lovely viking… And believe me, even if the most often they are “cute”, they are also very very scary. But, I digress…

So, what’s up if I was not striking!? I’ve been visited by the Fairy Mariette, and as each time she visited me, I found new critters in my apartment, like squids and octopuses in my sink, goose and flamingo in my magic tree, stingrays in the washing machine and hermit crabs almost everywhere. That’s not a life that!!!! Can you imagine that each morning, when I go in the kitchen to take my breakfast, or in the bathroom to take my shower, I have to be careful where I put my foot, because I can walk on those crazy critters?! How can I be focus when I woke up?! I’m not! I’m like you, eyes in the fog, brain on the pillow, and mind in my dreams… For sure when you hear those tiny hermit crabs screaming, you wake up… But, I digress, again… the reason why the Fairy Mariette visited me, was because she wanted from me to make new mobiles for “little french person”. (I said “little person” instead of “children” because I noticed that many men around my young age, talk about “little person” and are scared to pronounce “kids, or child, or children” Oh my god a child!!!!! That’s scary!! So, if by chance, a young man read this post, I don’t want to frighten him…). Anyway, I made several mobiles for those “little french person” and I’m glad to say to their parents that they could find them in the shop of Le Crapaud Poilu, in Caen for the Festival des Boréales! What’s that? Each year, and for nineteenth time now, it’s celebrated the Scandinavian art and culture, (such a good idea!) you’ll find more informations (in french sorry) on youtube and on facebook. So for this occasion, Marion Chopin who has this wonderful shop of art and handmade for “little person” is going to host some of my mobiles!

Oh, let me guess, you want to see the critters which are going to be down there… That’s it!

But, that was not the only reason of the visit of the fairy Mariette! She likes to bring me good news from France and also when it’s about birth… So I’m glad to say that two lovely “little person” arrived in my family a couple of weeks ago, Gabriel and Capucine! And I’ve for you two, two special mobiles, full of tenderness, I’ve selected the funniest and the craziest critters, but, no worries they are also very good to protect your afternoon naps and your nights, you could sleep tight…

And, at last, I’ll talk to you the next time about a discover I’ve done a couple of month ago, my crazy critters have new friends, but I’ll introduce them at the end of the month, you need some pumpkins around you, and I won’t say more for today!