Let me introduce you the narwhale

Let’s just pretend that you’re asleep, in your warm bed, when suddenly you get disturbed by a creepy monster, or just a nightmare, whatever. Very annoying indeed. But I have a solution. The narwhale. Narwhales have a loooooooong pointy “tusk” which actually is one of there tooth which forgot to stop growing. The meaning of that long tooth is to actually sense stuff around just like a thermometer would mesure the temperature, the tusk would mesure ions and “feel” the food around, like “oh gosh it smells like bacon here!!”, yeah, that’s what the tusk would mesure. But in my world, it doesn’t only detect and probe the food, it also POKE MONSTERS! Yes, it pokes them, skewers them (gently), and when the tusk is full, they sneeze a BIG time, and blow them away. I haven’t seen it myself, but I have been told.

So If you feel like getting one of the narwhale mobile, here you go.


And you’ll also find some sweet sweet whales:) They don’t have any tusks, but they do smile a lot, and unfortunately, they don’t really brush that often their teeth (don’t do that kids!), and end up having a very bad breath. Which is a very good weapon to keep a certain distance between monsters and you. You won’t be bothered by the smell, though if you see that the whales are making weird faces, it might be because they are bothered by each others breath (or their own…), but they will for sure be efficient against creepy stuff.

They look cute though, don’t you think?



Sweet dreams kids!


I hope you had a nice Xmas! Mine has been a tiny bit disturbed… I’ve been attacked by pirate whales… and pirate fishes… I guess this is what happens when you live close to the sea! Anyway, I wonder what’s going to happen for new year’s eve…


I wish you a wonderful new year!

As you know…

As you know now, when there is snow in Aarhus, there are whales in my living room. And last week, it was snowing… So, I’ve collected 6 whales and made 2 Ptitsmobiles…

Nevertheless, I’ve ever found somebody to take care of them… Don’t worry, I’ve seen on internet that there will have snow next weekend…

As you know too, last time, I’ve found squid and octopus in my kitchen (in the sink of course not in the oven…), and you know what, there had clams with them, and because I didn’t payed attention, squids start to catch them!! It’s awful! I could not separate them! So, here there is now some squids Ptitsmobiles with or without (Yooooooooooou… not really…) so, with or without clams (!), and here a new and poor alone octopus.

As you know again, hermit crab appear in the Christmas tree… I swear that mine is in the trash for a long time now! But, and I don’t know why, I’ve found hermit crab in the living room too… So, there are here new Ptitsmobiles hermit crab.

And now something that you DON’T know, I believe that you don’t know all of you who ventures into that blog, that you can leave a comment… YES YOU CAN, and I will be glad to read you… 😉

And now, en français!

Comme vous le savez maintenant, quand il neige à Aarhus, il y a des baleines qui apparaissent dans mon salon… Il a neigé la semaine dernière et j’ai donc récupéré 6 baleines avec lesquelles j’ai fait 2 Ptitsmobiles. Cependant, elles ont déjà été adoptées, mais pas de panique, ils annoncent de la neige pour le weekend prochain!

Comme vous le savez aussi, j’ai trouvé la dernière fois dans l’évier de ma cuisine, des calamars et des poulpes… Je ne m’en suis pas occupée tout de suite, et je n’avais pas fait attention qu’en plus il y avait des palourdes! Seulement les calamars ont commencé à attraper les palourdes, un vrai carnage, je n’ai pas pu les séparer… Donc vous trouverez ici, des Ptitsmobiles calamars avec ou sans palourdes et un pauvre et seul poulpe ici.

Comme vous le savez encore, les Bernard l’hermite apparaissent dans les sapins de Noel… Je vous jure que le mien est à la poubelle depuis longtemps maintenant, mais j’ai trouvé des Bernard l’hermite dans mon salon! Ils sont ici maintenant.

Et maintenant quelque chose que visiblement vous ne savez pas, et je parle à toutes celles et ceux qui s’aventurent sur ce blog, vous POUVEZ laisser un petit commentaire… Oui, vous pouvez le faire et je serais ravie de vous lire… 😉

Some changes…

Hej everyone!

I’ve made some changes on this blog today… Now you could find on the right top differents gallery with geese, pelican, pink flamingo, hermit crab, whale and fish. If the name of the Ptitsmobiles is “Flew!/Envolé!” that means they are not available, and if they are called “Fish” or “Whale 4”, that means they ARE available… And if you want a Ptitsmobiles which is not available, maybe you can send me an email here and I’ll see what I can do!

Oh! I’ve forgotten, there are now “big Ptitsmobiles”… Ok, there are not big big, but they have more critters…

As soon as possible, I’m going to put the size of the Ptitsmobiles (I would like to put a scale on picture, but for the moment I don’t really know how I’m going to do that easily with my wonderful and complicated software…), because it’s not obvious to realize how they truly are! So, this the next step!

Good visit!