-Food chains-

If you look into marine food chains closely, you’ll find out “ishly” that sharks eat octopuses, octopuses eat crabs, crabs eat clams and clams eat plankton. You can complicate the scheme by introducing squids and stingrays, both predators of small fishes, mollusks and crustaceans, and prey of sharks and big fishes. Then you can add into the picture, seabirds, predators of fishes and basically all leftovers of food reachable on earth (from pizza,  french fries to vomit…yeah I know disgusting but true), and according to Mother Nature  and google those guys are the prey of sharks (again). So if I must summarize and apply this to all the sea creatures I have in my apartment (and ok, also in my head), I know who’s eating my hermit crabs, clams, crabs, fishes, stingrays, squids, octopuses, birds, and sharks. Then if I think correct, the next question is who’s eating the sharks and my whales, since if I wanna keep that place as an nice ecosystem, I need predators for those 2 guys. Google my hero pops up again, and says, that besides killer whales, predators of baby whales and some sharks, Humans are theirs predators. In other words, I’m supposed to kill my whales and my sharks if I don’t want to be invaded. You can imagine that I won’t do that. Ever. And I won’t ask Fairy Mariette for killer whales either since I don’t like those. So what can I do?

Here is my answer:


Have a fun sunday people 🙂


Whales… without snow!

I’m used to say that whales fall with the snow… I have to admit that this time, it’s not really the case. Which makes me quite happy because it’s summer and even though I spend my summer in Denmark, I can tell, we don’t have any snow in August…

Alors?! / And then?!

C’est quoi ce silence?

Chuuuuuuuuut, je regarde la neige tomber… alors je n’ai pas d’histoire à raconter… De toute façon, la Fée Mariette n’est pas revenue, j’imagine qu’elle doit aussi s’occuper de ses cadeaux de Noël!

Et puis il est 22H50, c’est la tempête dehors, et je préfère rester à ma fenêtre, écouter la neige tomber… C’est déjà tout blanc! Je ne vois plus mon vélo!

Ooooh mais qu’est ce que c’est que ça?

Des petites baleines! Elles sont venues se poser sur ma fenêtre comme des petits flocons de neige!

Ah, j’entends le clochet de l’église sonner, il est 23H, les lumières de la ville s’éteignent, vite tout le monde au chaud!

Alors, venez par ici mes jolies que je vous regarde de plus près…

Je ne savais pas que les baleines tombaient en même temps que la neige… Il se passe des choses au Danemark, inimaginables…

Bonne nuit.

So, why this silence??

Schuuuuuuush, I watch the snow fall… and I have no story to tell… Anyway, the Fairy Mariette is not returned, I imagine she must also do her Christmas gifts!

And then it is 22:50, it’s the storm outside, and I prefer to stay at my window, listening to snow fall … It’s already white! I can not see my bike!

Ooooh but what’s that?

Small whales! They came to land on my window like little snowflakes!

Ah, I hear the church bell ring, it is 11pm, the city lights go out, quick everyone inside!

So come here my pretty as I look you more closer …

I didn’t know that whales were falling at the same time as the snow … There’s things in Denmark, unimaginable …

Good night.